#BeAModelMan – Petition @POTUS to Respect and Protect Women’s Rights

If you identify as a man, and you think that all human beings deserve dignity and respect, equal rights and equal protection under the law, the men of the MAVRIC Project hope you’ll sign this petition with us, asking President Trump to #BeAModelMan.

“We come to you as a group of citizens – activists and legislators, artists and writers, fathers, sons, and husbands. We happen to be men – men who believe in gender equality. We don’t speak for women. We raise our voices with them. We’re calling on you to show us all that you are a man who believes in women’s equality and opposes discrimination and violence of all kinds by men against women and girls.

During the campaign, you said, “Nobody has more respect for women than I do.” Yet, you have said and done things that many people consider to be disrespectful. As men who believe manhood is not about disrespecting women, we call on you to make amends and to set a new tone. […]”

The work of justice and equality continues, and MAVRIC men are proud to be a part of it.