Let’s set the bar higher

Irin Carmon wrote a fascinating op-ed in yesterday’s New York Times, called “What Women Really Think of Men.” The piece was a heart-breaking account of how little is expected from men in our society. We’ve all heard the refrains: “all men are pigs.” “Oh, you know how men talk.” “Boys will be boys.”


Carmon points out that Donald Trump has embraced this idea (although he’s hardly the first man to do so): “Hate to tell you,” he told the crowd at his rally in Cincinnati a few weeks ago, but women, “generally speaking, they’re better than you are.” Carmon writes:

As a feminist, I disagree. It does women, and society, no favors to grouse about female superiority as a way to let men off the hook. When society writes off men as irredeemable, we all lose.

The MAVRIC Project is a community committed to keeping men ON the hook, for the simple reason that we, as men, know our words and actions matter.  We know that integrity is about facing up to the ways we can be better and becoming better.

We reject the low bar our culture sets for men: we’re setting it higher.

Thanks to Chris Shin for sharing this article, and for starting the conversation on how we can honor men who clear a higher bar.